1v1 SGS - Maprequest reupload !

Fri 6th Jan 2017 - 2:35pm

As the last maprequest post disappeared, here a new one reuploaded :)

Any map that doesn't fit the rules will be immediatly rejected

Name : SGS - "name" (Free colours)

Length : 45 to 55 seconds

Mood : Day, Sunset, Sunrise, NIGHT IS FORBIDDEN

Style : FullSpeed

Scenery : Not overloaded (< 8000)

x64 map format (from ESL Titlepack) : Forbidden

ESL Titlepack : Allowed but in minimum use

GPS : Allowed, but not mandotary

Make it ridable for every cam

Build nice competitive maps, with progressive difficulty

Placing checkpoints backward is fordidden

Give it a delicate and nice outlook

Signs : Free except ESL Signs


Deadline to send maps : Sunday, January 15th 23:59 CET

Where to send maps :

*aAa* KiD

*aAa* KiD

Julien Benacchio

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