1v1 SGS - Playoffs Rules

Thu 26th Jan 2017 - 2:03pm

1v1 SGS Official Rules

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  1. General

1.1 : This rule book has to be respected in any case, failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification from the competition

1.2 : If you have any questions about the tournament, an e-mail address is powered for you :

1.3 : No player can join the competition, it is now only played between the 64 qualified players

1.4 : Playoffs start on Sunday, January 29th 2017, and ends on Sunday, February 26th 2017 with the 4 players qualified to the grand final.

1.5 : This tournament is a solo competition.

1.6 : Top 2 of the tournament will be rewarded with a GA Fullspeed 2017 Spot


  1. Matches

2.1 : Each match is played in 1v1v1v1 format, cup mode, 100 points pointlimit, 120 points in grand final. Top 2 players at each match move to the next match, 3rd and 4th are eliminated.

2.2 : Schedule :

Playday 1 – Sunday, January 29th 2017 : 20 CET (Paris time)

Playday 2 – Sunday, Febuary 5th 2017 : 20 CET (Paris time)

Playday 3 – Sunday, February 12th 2017 : 20 CET (Paris time)

Playday 4 – Sunday, February 19th 2017 : 20 CET (Paris time)

Playday 5 – Sunday, February 26th 2017 ! 20 CET (Paris time)

2.3 : Match delay

Matches can be delayed on decision by the four player, forum is opened for them to discuss about their matches

If no solution is found to delay the match, deftime will be enabled for this match, or latest Sunday 23:59 CET (Paris Time)


2.4 : The deadline to play each match is fixed on Tuesday, 23.59 CET, 2 days after the Default date (Sunday 20.00 CET)

2.5 : Match Points :

At each round in match, 4 players are in, the first player to reach the finish line gets 10 points, the second 6 points, the third 4 points and the fourth 3 points. The first player to reach the pointlimit gets the finalist mode, and has to finish first once more to secure his spot.

2.6 : Most important Server Settings

Mode : Cup

Point Limit: 100 (120 in grand final, but a server should be opened for the players to play the grand final without any trouble)

Rounds per map : 5.

Warmups : 1 / map

Respawn is NOT allowed!

2.7 : Maps

2 mappacks : 1 for TA, match 1 and match2

                               1 for quarter, semi, and final


Map 1 : SGS - Overhead

Map 2 : SGS – Port Douglas

Map 3 : SGS - whysoserious

2.8 No Show

If a player doesn't show up within 20 minutes after the default date set by the four opponents, you can send a screenshot on the forum discussion etablished for the 4 players, and play the match with 3 players, this means that 2 players move to the next match, and 1 player gets eliminated.

The player who didn't show will automatically be eliminated of the tournament.

If a player doesn't reply on the match discussion on the forum at least 24 hours before the default date, players can decide to play the match without the missing player. However, if the player shows up at the match time, he can play the match.

2.9 After the match

Match result & Match Media

The result has to be entered and confirmed by the four opponents after the match has ended. Furthermore all match media (screenshots) is advised to be uploaded to the match discussion on the forum. If the four oppenents accept the results, it is over. We only accept complaints, however, with screenshots !

2.10 : CUTS are not allowed and may result in disqualification from the competition.

2.11 : CHEATS are not allowed and may result in disqualification from the competition, and from the whole SGS league

2.12 : FAKE ACCOUNTING are not allowed, and will immediatly result in a disqualification, and permanent ban from the SGS league.

*aAa* KiD

*aAa* KiD

Julien Benacchio

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