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Tue 20th Dec 2016 - 3:25pm : General

The 1v1 SGS is a bit a second FSC

For those who don't know, FSC (FullSpeed Solo Championship) was an event organized just after the last Gamers Assembly, which gathered 170 players, with a TA qualification, and 1v1v1v1 matches, just like lans


The 1v1 SGS will work on the format as FSC, with some modifications

-> TA Qualifications

-> Top 32 or Top 64 qualified (will depend on the number of registrations)

-> Double elimination system for the matches

                    -> 1v1v1v1 matches

                    -> Top 2 at each match goes to the next step

                    -> 3rd and 4th at each match goes in loser bracket

                    -> If a player loses 2 matches, he will be eliminated

                    -> Grand final will be played with the top 2 of the Winner Bracket, and the top 2 of the Loser Bracket


You can find the maprequest on the forum !

*aAa* KiD

*aAa* KiD

Julien Benacchio

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