TopicWB 1/8 #5 - Junior vs Vince vs Rockz vs Crysis

  • Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 6:49pm

    Hey guys !


    You can now discuss about your matches with your oppenents, on this forum section.

    Match deftime : Sunday, February 5th at 20 :00 CET (Paris time)

    You can reschedule your match until Tuesday, Results have to be posted before Tuesday 23:59 CET (Paris time)


    At each round in match, 4 players are in, the first player to reach the finish line gets 10 points, the second 6 points, the third 4 points and the fourth 3 points. The first player to reach the pointlimit gets the finalist mode, and has to finish first once more to secure his spot.

    Mode : Cup

    Point Limit: 100 (120 in grand final, but a server should be opened for the players to play the grand final without any trouble)

    Rounds per map : 5.

    Warmups : 1 / map


    Map 1 : SGS – Port Douglas

    Map 2 : SGS - Overhead

    Map 3 : SGS - whysoserious

  • Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 7:08pm

    Hi guys, sadly I go on holidays tomorow. And I'll come back sunday or monday. Can we do the match monday or tuesday? Thx


  • Wed 1st Feb 2017 - 3:03pm

    Yeah I'll be gone for the weekend and get home late on Sunday as well, Monday or Tuesday between 18.00-22.00 should work fine for me.


  • Fri 3rd Feb 2017 - 6:14am

    Y Monday or Tuesday should be fine :)

  • Sat 4th Feb 2017 - 12:43am

    y, so tuesday 20:00?

  • Sun 5th Feb 2017 - 3:18pm

    Sounds good.

  • Mon 6th Feb 2017 - 2:09pm

    ok for tuesday 20.00 ! 

  • Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 6:07pm

    server is called danger zone

    search for swag and it will come up


    pw will be sgs1111

    see you there

  • Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 6:08pm

     server anyone? for some reason the ign servers are down, dunno if i will be able to provide 1 till 20:00


    *too late -> nvm

  • Tue 7th Feb 2017 - 7:50pm

    1st vince

    2nd rockz


    gg guys!

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